Neora ShemShaul

November 2014
Israeli Dramatists website - multilingual, all playwrights in Israel, with info and actual scripts of their plays.

December 2013
Hanoch Levin website - huge project of mine, huge respect to the Levin family that chose me to get all Levin's work on air

grand launch and lots of press, excitement among his so many groupies from all ages and sectors.

October 2013
Dr. Ushi Shoham Kraus interviews me on the radio

Reshet Alef, Kol-Israel, "Tip of the iceberg", with soundtrack of "Alice in wonderland". About me as author and cyberculture HTML lover, as anarchist against biometric experiment, as foundr of SideLang which could be the new 'Esperanto'...
Listen (in Hebrew)...

June 2013
Israel is celebrating "Shavua Hasefer", meaning the "Week of Books"

just recalled about this story I've written in 2008, telling youngsters on what is the connection between open-source and literature

Read the story (hebrew)...

May 2013
Happy Birthday JJ! 20 years to my novel "Digital Affair"

It was considered as Sience fiction, because no one understood back then what it means to live in networks. I was considered a profit later on, because was telling in details how digital culture and how digital life will look like once everyone is wired.

People have blamed me for publishing this too early, others have blamed me for combining my political beleif in the narrative of the love story between Israeli and palestinian. All in all, this book has opened many doors for my adult life and friendships. I miss JJ :)

Digital Affair - interviews, critics, all chapters (hebrew) and some translated to english...